About Service Interruptions

You may experience an interruption in your water supply if our maintenance crew or contractor is preforming work in your area. Occasional interruptions are necessary when our crews repair, replace, or preform maintenance on water lines or other underground infrastructure. The water outage typically lasts no more than a couple of hours.

Outages are classified as either:

Scheduled –

  • Our crews try to schedule planned maintenance during off-peak water demand.
  • Customers are notified of any scheduled work and potential outages at least 2 days before work begins via Facebook or our website.
  • Scheduled Maintenance to our infrastructure such as replacement, or abandonment of lines.

Emergency –

  • An emergency outage happens when Waterworks needs to shut the water off in a particular area to isolate a break to prevent flooding or to repair a break in the line.
  • These events must be taken care of immediately.
  • Water service may be interrupted without notice.

Discolored Water

After maintenance work on a water main in your area, you may have discolored water. This is caused by mineral and other deposits that settle out of the water and build up on pipe walls over time. If you are experiencing discolored water, flush the service lines to your home by running your tap for a few minutes until the water runs clear. The water is safe to drink.

If you have any questions or concerns about the quality of your water, call a Customer Service Rep at 985-872-2495