About Leaks – on the Customer Side

Most customers water consumption does not change drastically month to month. So when a water bill comes in and the amount owed is significantly higher than usual, chances are you have a leak. If you had a leak and repaired it, bring your receipts in as proof of the repair. Waterworks will adjust the amount of the bill.

If the leak is on the customer side, it is the customers responsibility, and you should contact a plumber. If the leak is near or around the meter box, it may be difficult to distinguish the source of the leak. Please click here for more information on how to determine who is responsible for fixing a leak on your property.


There are a few things you can do if you suspect a leak on your property.  Waterworks asks you to visually inspect in and around your property before calling in to report a leak.  

Check the plumbing in and around your home for signs of leaks:

  • Inside
    • Turn off all water faucets and water fixtures in your house.
    • Is the toilet running?
    • Are any of the water fixtures dripping or leaking?
  • Outside
    • Is there any standing water/puddles of water forming?
    • Do you see any “soft spots” from the meter box to your house or under your house?
    • If you have an irrigation system on your property, check for leaks
    • If you have an Ice Machine, check that as well.
  • Is the leak coming from in or around the Meter Box?