Consolidated Waterworks District Number 1, Terrebonne Parish will make a temporary switch from Chloramines to free chlorine as our primary disinfectant effective Monday, June 15th, 2020. 

Chlorine and Chloramines are common disinfectants used by water suppliers to kill bacteria in drinking water. You will be notified when we switch back to Chloramines as our primary disinfectant.

The water provided by Water Utilities is disinfected, and free of harmful bacteria.  The main disinfectant used by water utilities is chlorine or is at least chlorine based.  While there are several other alternatives for disinfectant, such as reverse osmosis, ultra violet light, micro filtrations, and ion exchange; Consolidated Waterworks District No.1 is a chloramine, combination of chlorine and ammonia, system.  We are required by Federal Law, EPA Safe Drinking Water Act of 1972, and various other related additions of Disinfectant By Product Stage 1 and Stage 2, as well as Louisiana Department of Health State Sanitary Code,, which promulgates the US EPA standards to be a chloramine system. Because our source water source is surface type, Bayou Lafourche, IntraCoastal Waterway, and Bayou Black, all waters on the “surface” of the ground vs. ground water, a well in some type of aquifer below surface ground. 

The disinfectant chloramine, 4 parts chlorine and 1 part ammonia, used has been proven to reduce the number of disinfectant by products while maintaining an adequate disinfectant of the water and killing harmful bacteria.  As the temperatures rise in the summer, we have found that chloramines can have a difficult time maintaining the increased chlorine residuals required by Louisiana Department of Health since it Emergency Rule in November 2013 as a result of the Naegleria fowleri amoeba findings.  We continue to use the change in disinfectant to free chlorine as a means to keep chlorine residuals up well above minimum requirements while removing any harmful biofilm that may have formed inside the water lines.

The water is perfectly safe to drink and use.  We must also follow the Disinfectant by Product rules of the EPA and will revert back to chloramines after about 45 days in July 2020.  Please follow the links listed below for further information or please feel free to contact us directly with any specific or general questions that you might have. 

We are available for presentations to groups of all sizes and can tailor our presentation to your specific concerns or just general in nature if requested.

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