About Boil Water Advisories


Consolidated Water Works is required to issue a Boil Water Advisory when there is a risk of contaminants entering the water supply. Although the risk is very minimal, Boil Water Advisories are issued as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety and health of the public.The Louisiana Department of Health released answers to FAQs regarding Boil Water Advisories. They can be accessed here.

A boil-water advisory is a public health announcement that the public should boil tap water before drinking it. When issued, the public should assume that the water is unsafe to drink.

– Louisiana Department of Health

Incidents that may prompt a Boil Advisory:

  • Main Line Break
  • Treatment Plant Issue
  • Tropical Storms and Hurricanes
  • Loss of Pressure in the Distribution System

During a Boil Water Advisory:

  • Water works recommends that you bring water to a rolling boil for at least 1 minute prior to any activity where water may be ingested.
  • Continue to boil water until the advisory is rescinded (lifted). Water works will issue a Rescind Advisory when water is safe to consume again.
  • Water works will conduct tests on water samples to ensure the water is free of contaminates before issuing a Rescind Advisory.

After a Boil Water Advisory:

  • Run all cold water faucets for at least 5 minutes
  • Flush home ice makers by making and getting rid of 3 batches of ice
  • Drain and refill hot water heaters if the heater was set below 113 F