About Waterworks Advisory Icons

When Waterworks issues a public advisory, it is to inform the general public of a change in the water. These notifications will be posted on our Facebook page, and if it is a planned event, on our website.

A Warning Advisory is issued to warn the public of urgent information such as health risks. Examples include Contamination, or a do not drink notice.

A Caution Advisory is issued to the public of information and events that do not pose a threat or risk, but may require an action from the public. Examples include Emergency Outages, Planned Outages, or Hydrant Flushing.  These events are usually followed up with boil water advisories.

A Rescind Advisory typically follows up a Warning or Caution to notify the advisory has been rescinded, or, lifted.  This icon signifies that we are at normal operations.


A General Advisory is of non threatening, non safety related information. Examples are community events, good news, or board meeting information.