About Directional Flushing

Directional flushing quickly and efficiently flush out accumulations in the main lines and clean the pipe. When the flushing process is complete, the result is improved water clarity, color, and taste. 

While the flushing process is taking place, affected customers are likely to experience

  • low water pressure
  • water discolorations and/or
  • odor

Although it may be alarming, it is temporary. Waterworks assures you that the WATER IS SAFE to drink!

Due to the possible discoloration in water, Waterworks recommends that you avoid washing clothes during the flushing period. When flushing is complete, we advise you to check a faucet to confirm water runs clear before washing. This practice is recommended by the American Water Works Association (AWWA).

The pictures below show the results of directional flushing.

The brown water seen in the first picture was created by increasing the velocity of the water inside the pipe which stirs up sediment.

Once the sediment is flushed out the water runs clear as in the second picture.